Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally...we're back!

After taking a bit of a blogging break, the Williams family is finally returning to blog world...we hope, for good! :) :) Life just seems to have been extraordinarily hectic lately, and keeping up with everything has been somewhat of a challenge - we've had camera issues and computer issues, but now hope that everything is back up and running as close to normal as possible (whatever that is!)!! Sorry for our hiatus, but thanks for rejoining us, and hopefully we'll do a better job of keeping new Walker pics new goal is to try and update every weekend, so that if you join us at the first of the week, you'll have new cute pictures to brighten the start to your work week!

On the exercise front, we missed a little time early on, when Walker seemed to be battling some kind of cold, and in good conscience, didn't feel like I could go work out and expose the whole nursery...last week (cause I can't remember farther back than that!), we walked 2 mornings and then W & I went to the Y 2 mornings...and so far, this week...I've been to the Y twice, and hope to go again tomorrow and/or Friday.

And now for the pics...enjoy! I just love this one...such a sweet face!

This is Walker trying to climb in my lap in the office.OH NO - I know Papa is out there...pleeeeeeeeeease let me go out there with him!!!
I know this thing is supposed to GO!!
Walker had a ball pushing the stroller around the driveway while we were outside this past Saturday when it was SO GORGEOUS!! Walker LOVES climbing steps and has become quite good at it...while we were outside, we let him climb on the back deck steps a little by himself, and it is amazing how deliverate and careful he is when there's nobody to hold onto. Don't worry...we were close by, and according to Papa, it's not the first time he's tried them by himself...

Just in case we didn't already know what a "big boy" he is, Walker decided to pick up one of the extra pavers we have outside and carry it cute! He tried to put it in his stroller, but couldn't quite manage lifting it that high in the air!

Walker LOVES the dishwasher - I mean LOVES it...and actually yesterday, when I was unloading it, he took all of the plates out, 1 at a time, and handed them to me. I was so amazed and so impressed - my little pumpkin is growing up! (Can't wait til he can empty the whole thing by himself! LOLOL)

Walker has also recently learned how to climb up on the kitchen table chairs...which is so cute...

...but that also means he now wants to climb on the kitchen table...and doesn't appreciate it when his little hand gets popped and we tell him NO. He is DEFINITELY a climber!!

One last grinny picture for today...hope to see you again soon!