Friday, December 21, 2007

Exercise Update

This week got off to a good start, with a nice workout on Monday, but Walker has been sick with a nasty cold this week...lots of congestion rattling around in his chest and drainage too, so I figured the Y would probably prefer we stay home. So alas, no exercising progress, but it's only a minor set-back, one to hopefully be remedied next week!

Qtip Anyone?

So I'm sitting in the office just now, with Walker playing behind me...all of the sudden I realize he's gotten AWFULLY quiet, head into the bathroom, and oh yes...he has opened the drawer and pulled out an almost full box of Qtips, and well...the pictures speak for themselves. Not sure what the fascination is, but he's still sitting there, totally enthralled....oh the simple joys of a 15 month old!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Walker with Santa - take 2

On a positive note - we actually have a picture of Walker with Santa - mind you, this is attempt #2 for the year...we went to Anderson mall a few weeks bust. As soon as Walker saw Santa - immediate tears! I mean CROCODILE tears! They snapped a few pics, but certainly not ones you'd want to buy. Brad videoed the whole thing and claims it was quite cute - I haven't even looked at it yet! We were supposed to go with Aunt Autumn and Alexa this past Fri night to see Santa at a friend's house, but after a long week, we just didn't have the umph to get we tried again this morning. I used the "back him in" approach - several pics were snapped...and then Walker realized there was a white glove holding him, and attached to that white glove...oh no, a stranger....SANTA - and then his little face dissolved in tears and it was all over. He couldn't jump out of ol' St. Nick's lap fast enough! I had attempted to grab paci before he realized who had him, but that didn't make him very happy either...obviously Santa got distracted for a minute, but this was the best of what they shot. If you look closely, behind that hand & paci, you can see Walker's little grin...maybe next year will be better!

Friday, December 14, 2007

And today makes 3!

Well hallelujah - made it to the Y a third time this week...yippee for me! Now if I can just keep it up next week...I listened to a podcast one day, and read in my Bible study book War of Words the other 2...that helped the time pass a little more quickly, but bottom line - I just don't love exercise the way some people do. For me, it is pretty much ALWAYS a chore, but oh well...that's how life is sometimes!

On a pleasant note...Autumn & Alexa are coming to spend the night tonight and we're going to see Santa at a friend's house...can't wait - should be loads of fun!! And hopefully Walker won't burst into tears like the last time he saw Santa...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yippee -- 2 down, 1 to go!

Well, this week, that is! Got back to the Y in TR today - Monday was fairly easy, because I didn't have Walker to worry about, so I could go whenever suited my fancy...the Y in TR only has childcare in the mornings from 8 til 11:30, so that is somewhat limiting...I really like to be home in the mornings and then out in the afternoon, but OH WELL! Time to reorient the schedule and get back with it. So today, 35 minutes on the cross-ramp (27 on Monday) - time to get back on track! But, victory for me today - I didn't want to go, but did it anyway! It's good to feel like I'm heading in the right direction again!

Back on the Exercise Bandwagon...

As many of you know, Brad and I started dieting and exercising back in April and both of us lost 15+ pounds...we took Walker's jogging stroller on vacation with us and continued to exercise there. Then we came home....NOTHING. Getting out of the habit of going to the Y killed my exercise routine. So this past weekend, while trying on blue jeans - YIKES - I decided it was time...time to get BACK on the BANDWAGON. So I decided my goal for this week was to go to the Y 3 days this week...and that got off to a good start on Monday. I DO NOT want to go today, but alas, am getting ready to slip into my workout gear and head out momentarily. I have also decided to post my progress an effort to hold myself accountable and make the progress I know my body needs! So I encourage you...think it're welcome to jump on board any time you want...just don't wait til you're ready, because we all know that day NEVER comes!!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Scrapping Secrets

Well, I couldn't let Autumn continue to show me up. This is a page I did today using the new Cricut Design software trial. Fun Stuff!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Two Little Cuties!

Last night Mimi & Pop came for supper and brought Cousin 'Lexa with them...the babies had so much fun playing...sometimes together, sometimes separate and sometimes trying to get the other one out of the way! Of course, both of them are now way too old, and way too cool to pose for pictures...there's way too much other fun to be had! Both of them wanted to be in my lap, until I handed the camera to Brad and he attempted to take our picture...all interest was lost!

What is Mimi saying up there?

And then there was the wooden spoon...

As Mimi told Walker to watch out, we all realized she probably should watch out! LOL

And Walker gets it back...multiple items were passed around like this all night long.

Pretty dinosaur...

Playing with Mimi in the den after supper

Both babies enjoyed the caterpillar last night...

Oh Walker...did I hurt your feelings when I pushed you out of the way so I could ride the caterpillar? More ridin' to do!

Fun with Pop

And the basket...Walker introduced Alexa to my basket that he LOVES to play in! She seemed to enjoy it pretty well too! They both climbed in and out and in.....and out............and in again.