Monday, November 26, 2007

Yummy Cheerios!

Last Sat, Brad decided to have a snack after supper, and fixed himself a cup of Cheerios...well, little man decided he needed to he walked over to Papa's chair, pulled out paci, and opened his mouth for a bite...before we knew it, he was sitting in Brad's lap, eating Cheerios non-stop. He ate way more of the cup than Brad did, and when the cup was empty...cried for more! Brad had to refill the cup, and then Walker ate the entire second cup. It was so cute! I hate lots of fun snapping picture after picture...hope you'll enjoy!


Open wide!!

There are more in there, right?

Oh Yeah, I like this Papa!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mama, I want to scrapbook too...

Last Friday afternoon Autumn came over and we scrapbooked while Walker & Brad went to Northern & CompUSA - of course when they got back, we had stuff spread EVERYWHERE, and W wanted nothing more than to play with ALL of it! We tried keeping him on the other side of the baby gate, but he would have none of that. Eventually, he got strapped into the high chair, and played with the sticker maker box...and then reached behind him to try to grab all the goodies on the kitchen counter. Such a happy boy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cutest bug in the world!

Walker has been having a ball looking out the windows and shouting to the outside world this morning...I have the windows up because I got hot drinking chai with my breakfast and he has been enjoying every minute of it! I do think he would stay outside all the time if you could/would let him!

I have been wanting to stitch this tee out for Walker for AGES now, and finally found the right fabric, and then had to find the right tee...and then had to get around to it! LOL Then of course this morning he had no desire to model for me - boys will be boys, right?

On a bright note, I think all traces of the virus are gone. We're officially 24 hours past any upchucking and he is as happy and playful as can be...well, except for the fact that he desperately wants to get to my keyboard, which as he gets taller and taller and more and more determinted is getting more and more difficult to keep away from him!

Grout is a GO!

I was supopsed to take this pic last night,but got a little lazy :) You can't see everything, but we did get all of the tile down yesterday - yea! Now it's on to grout today. I am loving this already!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let the tile begin!

Our basement project is wonderfully underway...Brad and I picked out ceiling tile after lunch today - windows and our new doors went in last week and then the tile started today as well. Here are a few pics to show you our progress!
These are our "before" windows - as you can see...they're kinda small.
They've now been replaced with these 48" beauties...and instead of 2 small ones, now there are 3 big ones...yippee!
I know this pic is kinda dark, but's kinda dark in the basement corner...but nonetheless, here is the beginning of the tile. Can't wait to see how much they get done today!

Out at the Pumpkin Patch

This has got to be one of my favorite pics from the day...such cutie pies!

This one too...we tried repeatedly to get pics with both babies smiling, looking at the camera...can you imagine that being difficult?

The wheelbarrow was a big hit with both babies! I love this thing...let's make it go! time for a picture...there's 'ploring to do!

Walker was way more interested in exploring than playing with the pumpkins.

Riding on Papa's shoulders is great fun!

Walker traipsing through the pumpkins...he had to get to the other side!

I love being outside - can we stay here all day?

Who wants a little pumpkin? I like this great big one!
Mimi with the babies.

This is a great spot to chill out.
Thanks to Nivens Apple Farm - we'll be there again next year I'm sure. Great atmosphere - very fun and inviting! Maybe next year we can even take a hay ride!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're Live!

Well we've finally done it...jumped in with both feet! For awhile now, we've been feeling "behind the times" because the Williams family has been blogless - no more! I hope Mimi will be proud! We'll do our best to check in at least weekly and try to keep everyone up to date on all that is going on with Walker - now if I can just get back into taking more pictures! Here are a few pics of Walker a few weeks back on a Saturday morning at the park. Boy did he love it! Here he is swinging - by the way...when it was time to get out of the swing, he put his arms by his sides making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get him out - smart fella!

Thanks for joining us as we're starting out...hope you'll come back often so you can keep up with all that's going on in our lives!