Monday, March 31, 2008

Walker Outside

I think these pics are from last Fri afternoon - Brad decided to hop on the lawnmower and knock down a few places where the grass is growing rampantly, so Walker & I went outside to hang out and play so we could all be outside together. It didn't take Brad 2 shakes to get the grass taken care of and then we all ran around the yard together and played for a little while. Lots of fun to be had by all!


Well today has definitely been a Monday. Brad and I were up early this morning - one of our guys was supposed to be here around 6:30 to unload a truck and then run sand & mortar to a soon became evident that he was at least late, and possibly wasn't going to show up at all. Brad went on and got ready and loaded sand and mortar in his truck and then he picked me up and we rode into Gville together...very reminiscent of our early days starting the business (Walker was at MaMa's house, so don't anybody think that we were being negligent parents!) Today was supposed to be this guy's first day back at work after being out last week, when he didn't feel well...we wanted to believe the best in him...really we did, it's just we've seen this type of behavior way too often. We tried calling - NOTHING. And the more we thought about it, we began to realize he had probably quit. Which in and of itself isn't terrible, but then you start to think about the company cell phone that he has...and the company credit card, which he has for I said UGH. Sure enough, as soon as I got back to the office, I checked online, and 7 unauthorized charges have shown up as "temporary" on our business account. Won't know what all that looks like til tomorrow or the next day when they fully post.

The human side of me wants to say WHY IS HE BEING SUCH A JERK??? but at the same time, my heart hurts for him...he has had alcohol struggles in the past, and has been sober since we've known him. He actually quit a different job because he was having to work long hours out of town and said that he was having to miss too many of his meetings and knew that would spell trouble for him. We both tend to believe that he fell off the wagon this past weekend, leading to this rash of disgraceful behavior. So anyway...all of this to say...if you think of him...say a prayer. We both have to believe that when he sobers up (if he did fall off the wagon) he will be mortified.

So enough of that...just needed to vent a little.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter!

We have had a GREAT Easter weekend! I'm only going to upload a few pics today because I'm in a hurry, but will try to post more throughout the week.

Walker only slept about 20 mins (maybe) on the way from church to lunch...he was still a rather sleepy boy at this point.
We tried for a family pic...guess who WASN'T interested...
Walker really wasn't very interested in eggs early on....he was way happier just running around enjoying being outside. Occasionally he would carry a basket with him, and even picked up 1 or 2 eggs without much coaxing.
MiMi helped point out several eggs before the bigger boys found them.
Oh yeah...I did have a basket.
Walker and Alexa studying their treasure.

Walker LOVED climbing Aunt Marian & Uncle Phil's hills covered in pine one point he was headed around the flower bed on the grass and then stopped in his tracks, rerouted himself through the pine needles and took off with glee. I think it was the combo of the hill and the pine needles that he loved so much! He didn't mind sliding around at all!At this point, Luke and his Grandpa started throwing eggs in front of Walker to see if he was interested...some he would pick up, others he would just charge right by. Luke seemed to get a kick out of it.

Always looking for sunglasses...unless you put his pair on him...then he can't get them off fast enough!

When it was time to clean up and put the eggs up, while Aunt Sylvia was rounding up more eggs, Walker somehow ended up with a big stash all to himself...

Can you see where this is going???

Oh yeah...ALL BOY!

He loved the hinged eggs...don't know if those are new this year, or I just haven't seen them til now, but as he loves opening and closing anything that will cooperate, he loved loved loved those eggs!

Alexa got interested and came on did a bunch of adults, who helped "clean up" - I think the babies would have been content to play for awhile longer! LOL Have a great week - I'll try to continue pics of the day later!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Picture Time - Moments in March

This is the kind of picture of Walker I just love - my sweet smiley boy!In case you've missed it, Walker LOVES to climb...the coffeetable is one of his latest joys.
Can you see the glee?
Playing with his Little People Car Ramp.
Here we go again...
Climbing as usual!
Gotta love that zebra!
So glad to be outside!

Did I mention that Walker likes to climb? He also loves keyboards.
Walker loves his alphabet Leap Frog toy.
Walker & Papa having a good time.
Walker is fascinated with Maci...when we go outside he always looks to see if Maci is in her doghouse.
Checking each other out.
Walker loves his car seat...this was after we had to wash the cover...when we were playing outside he quickly found it and took a seat.

Walker loves his milk.
This one just seemed like a great goodbye pic. Hope you enjoyed a few of our March moments.

Monday, March 10, 2008

We're back - again...

Such a sweet smiley boy we have...he loves sitting in chairs...this rocker moves, so he can't climb into it by himself yet, but loves it when I put him in it.
Sorry there was no post for last week...I really do have a good last Saturday, March 1, Brad and I had planned to go volunteer at a workday at church for the morning, so we arranged for Walker to spend the night with MiMi & Pop to make that easier....well, Fri evening the little fella came down with a virus that both Aunt Sylvia & MiMi got to witness up close & personal, if you know what I mean...we ended up scrapping our volunteering plans in case we needed to go pick the little fella up and take him to the doctor...thankfully after an easy breakfast Sat morning, all appeared to be okay. We picked W up Sat afternoon and spent the rest of the day together as a family and then also spent an easy Sunday together as well...we ended up keeping W home from church just in case there was still anything going on with him. Well, Sun night, as I was downstairs taking the pics of the scrapbook pages below, all of the sudden I felt funny...throw-up funny...all was more or less okay until about 11 PM when Brad and I both were hit full force with OH NO - I'll spare you all the ugly details, but let's just say the bathroom had a revolving door on it that night and it was definitely one of the longest nights of my life. I haven't felt THAT BAD in I can't even begin to tell you how long...thankfully, I was able to lay around the house most of the day Monday...bless Brad's heart, he had to go to 1 or 2 jobsites and do some other office work, but he was also able to have an early afternoon and we were both able to just rest and recover. We then spent the rest of the week playing catch-up and also trying to get our stomachs reaquainted with was a very bland food week!

This past weekend we took it nice and easy...I had a volunteer meeting at NewSpring for a conference that we're hosting this coming Thurs - I'm super excited about the opportunity to volunteer for the day! My boys chauffeured me down to Anderson and then did a Sam's run while I was at my meeting...then we checked on a few jobsites, grabbed some lunch and headed home for a lazy afternoon. Sunday, we were thankfully well enough to be back in church, and Brad and I both volunteered for the first time...which was very cool. Brad tried out ushering and I observed Children's Check-In. We're both excited about getting plugged in and volunteering in preparation for the Greenville campus opening - if you want to check out the construction progress, click here. Looks like the campus will be opening late summer/early fall - we are so excited!!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoy the pics! Take a minute to leave a comment - we'd love to know you were here! Have a wonderful week!! And now for the rest of the pics!

A little night-time recliner fun!

Oh the giggles...

When we bought our den furniture before Walker was born, I fell in love with these tables because they had built in baskets - aka toy storage...little would we know how much enjoyment Walker would get from climbing in the baskets, pulling them out of the way, climbing through the's definitely been more entertainment than we would ever have imagined!

We grilled out Sat night - hamburgers for Brad and me & hotdogs for Walker...he was insistent on being outside with Papa where the action was, even though with the wind it as super chilly!
Me, smile for the camera???

Oh yes...I can hold my fork and my cup at the same time!!! No need to slow down for milk!

I'm a big boy - I can feed myself...

This was Walker running back and forth from outside to inside carrying one of his "pots".

Walker fell asleep in Brad's lap one night this past week - you could tell he was just so tired! We both thought it was so precious and Brad enjoyed every second of it, as typically Walker is not one who enjoys being held as he's going to sleep. From my vantage point on the couch, seeing their feet side by side was just so cute!

So why is it that every toy needs to be climbed on? Walker discovered that he could knock his car garage over and climb in it a different way...he was so mad when I tried to stand it back up the correct way!

Definitely bedtime!