Monday, November 26, 2007

Yummy Cheerios!

Last Sat, Brad decided to have a snack after supper, and fixed himself a cup of Cheerios...well, little man decided he needed to he walked over to Papa's chair, pulled out paci, and opened his mouth for a bite...before we knew it, he was sitting in Brad's lap, eating Cheerios non-stop. He ate way more of the cup than Brad did, and when the cup was empty...cried for more! Brad had to refill the cup, and then Walker ate the entire second cup. It was so cute! I hate lots of fun snapping picture after picture...hope you'll enjoy!


Open wide!!

There are more in there, right?

Oh Yeah, I like this Papa!


Autumn said...

What a cute little bug!! :) I'm sure Brad loved the picture of him with his mouth wide open!! LOL. Miss you, hope we get to scrap soon!

Joni said...

Is that a Christmas tree up in your den?? I'm very impressed. How does Walker like the tree?

Jodi said...

Yes it is...we started a new tradition last yer of putting the tree up early in Nov so we can start enjoying the lights and then decorate between Thanksgiving and Dec 1 - that way you get to enjoy the tree a little longer, but also don't get tired of it, because the ornaments add a new twist when we add them. So far, Walker seems fairly indifferent to the tree...I'm sure it will only be decorated about 1/2 way up, though! LOL Brad's mama said he started trying to undecorate her tree when he was last at her house...boys will be boys!