Friday, December 21, 2007

Qtip Anyone?

So I'm sitting in the office just now, with Walker playing behind me...all of the sudden I realize he's gotten AWFULLY quiet, head into the bathroom, and oh yes...he has opened the drawer and pulled out an almost full box of Qtips, and well...the pictures speak for themselves. Not sure what the fascination is, but he's still sitting there, totally enthralled....oh the simple joys of a 15 month old!


Autumn said...

Ok, he looks so completely precious sitting there like "what mama!" He is such a sweetie, can't wait to see him on Christmas Eve! Love ya!

MiMi said...

He looks to me like he's probably thinking "now...what to do with these funny little things"!! He's a cute little bug even when he's in the midst of getting in to trouble! Love, MiMi