Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun with Papa

So the other day when I shot the "Easter truck" video, we used our camera...had never tried that feature before - had never realized how incredibly easy it is. So now, hopefully we'll be shooting lots more video and trying to share more with you. Last night, Brad came upstairs after work and picked up Walker for a hug and to play some, and Walker started grabbing his head, wanting Brad to "get him". So stinkin' cute...I grabbed the camera and filmed away. Couldn't resist sharing the video of our little cutie - hope you'll enjoy!


Autumn said...

That is too cute!! :) I love that little guy!

The Turner's said...

I'm so glad you sent us a reminder about your blog! It was good to 'see' you today! This video was so fun....thanks for the laughs!