Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Questions we should all be asking

Sunday at NewSpring was awesome (as usual)! We've been taking part in the One Prayer series along with 1500+ other churches around the world. Perry preached live this past Sunday (One Prayer - Make us Effective) and challenged us with 3 questions we should all be asking ourselves - if you get a chance, listen to the podcast and check it out for yourself. Either way - talk to Jesus about these:
  1. Jesus, show me why you made me.
  2. Teach me to see as you see.
  3. Show me the next step that you want me to take.


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Jodi - thanks for your sweet comment today. And, thanks for stopping by my bloggy home. How did you find me among all the mommy blogs?? LOL

And, I see you're a Dave Ramsey family! He ROCKS! LOL We've pd off over $16K since last October when we started our debt snowball while taking FPU. And, we're paying off another one tomorrow when DaHubby gets paid! CCHHEETTAAHH!! *wink*

Have a blessed day!

Autumn said...

You are right about that, Sunday was awesome as always!! Can't wait for Greenville to open up so we can pour into that ministry and see what God is going to do there!

Cathy/ Mommy Motivation said...

THanks for dropping by my site today. And I really like those questions from your sunday service. I just might need to do that!