Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WFMW - Use your camera video mode!

Our little boy is nearing the 22 month so many expectant parents, before he was born, we went out and bought a video camera. We shopped around, did our research and were very happy with our purchase - but let's be honest...keeping that thing with you all the time, even though it is much smaller than the video camera I remember my grandparents buying "way back when", is just plain impossible! However, we do a great fairly good job of keeping our digital camera handy. Recently we were playing around with it and decided to experiment with "movie mode" - I'm embarassed to say that it took us this long! It is SO SO SO easy! We had long paid it no attention because we figured it was complicated, or wouldn't work well, or enter any other excuse you can come up with. It has now become our best friend! We use it constantly - and while it doesn't shoot video that is quite as good as the regular video camera - it's certainly way better than no video at all! So I encourage around with that video mode! Use it to catch your kids in little vignettes here and there! Use it to capture those every day moments that we moms cherish forever! And when it's time for a major family function, holiday or special event - by all means...drag out the big guns with the video camera - but for those everyday precious moments...keep that camera handy!

Here's a recent example of a Walker devouring fried rice (and veggies!!!) when we tried a new Japanese restaurant this past weekend...

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(Jim &) Brandy Brow said...

I've taken a few videos on my camera, but it holds little on my 2 GB card and takes forever to upload--my two reasons I don't use it more.

Do your videos upload to your computer quickly?

Perhaps my problem is that my USB port is a slower 1.0 port rather than a 2.0 port--older computer. :(

Thanks for the post. Maybe I'll not give up. :)

The Building Brows

GiBee said...

what extension do you save your file as???

Audra Krell said...

I'm scared to death of our video thanks for the great encouragement!

mindi said...

I've done this a few times (on hubby's camera - mine is an SLR) and I loved it!!
Now if he would just bring the camera back from Iraq, we'd be all set :D

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie he is! Thanks for the reminder. I always forget that mode is on our camera too. I really wish we had more video moments to look back on.

Autumn said...

Oh goodness, that is so stinkin cute! I hope I get to see you guys this weekend. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I've had the camera for years and just attempted the video mode a few months ago... and have had a blast!

My kids love it. I love it and now I'm finally preserving memories in action. (The video camera remains in the cabinet. I don't know when it will ever come out again!)

And I had no idea putting the clips together and making a movie could be so simple.

This is a great tip!