Monday, October 20, 2008

Christmas Planning - 9 Weeks and Counting

| Feliz Navidad / Merry Christmas |
Photo by Arquera

In the continued effort to "get my life together" it is my goal this year to have an enjoyable non-last minute Christmas - which would definitely be a first for me! One of the most important things in making that happen is the decision to have a plan and use it! In my earlier post I threw out a couple of ideas/ways to get started and am now working to continue that. Each Monday, I'm going to share my accomplishments from the past week as well as what I have before me in the upcoming week and I'd love to have you jump in and join me! So how about you - are you thinking about Christmas already? Do you have a plan brewing? Let me know - I'd love to hear where you are in the process!

Christmas Accomplishments
  • several gifts purchased
  • gift list made
  • started working on holiday budget
Christmas Goals 10/20-10/26
  • fine tune/finish holiday budget
  • pick up replacement Christmas tree lights
  • work on Christmas card list
  • pick up gift cards on holiday gift list
  • pick out World Vision gifts and order
  • move Trigger downstairs to make room for tree
Thinking Forward
  • Christmas card pic
  • think through decorations
  • think through Christmas "schedule"


Suz said...

I wish I'd started my holiday list already. We have several more kids this year, so too much to think about. I'd better get on the ball.

Jodi said...

@suz - just remember it's not too late to start! a little along the way will make a big difference come Dec!

Niki said...

This is definately an area I have to get more organized in. I too want to have as much done so I can actually relax and enjoy the season.