Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a Quick Note

Oh my goodness - just can't get over this little cutie pie! She is such a sweetheart & such a fabulous baby! Other than either a midnight feeding (well, last night was 4 AM) she's slept through the night for the past 4 nights! Woo hoo!!! I hope to post her birth story in the next day or two, so check back with us!

Walker is quite taken with the reemergence of all the baby gear...we were in the den the other night and he "disappeared" momentarily...then I realized he was at the end of the the bouncy seat...with it turned on - he is such a hoot! Love this big bug!


Our Family said...

Glad to see you all are doing well! Cameron IS a cutie pie! :)

Autumn said...

LOL!! He is so funny :)

Love that chicklet!

Willow Tree said...

Smart boy you've got there; I used to use the bouncy seat as a foot massager when I was nursing, LOL!

Blessings, Carolynn