Monday, November 12, 2007

Out at the Pumpkin Patch

This has got to be one of my favorite pics from the day...such cutie pies!

This one too...we tried repeatedly to get pics with both babies smiling, looking at the camera...can you imagine that being difficult?

The wheelbarrow was a big hit with both babies! I love this thing...let's make it go! time for a picture...there's 'ploring to do!

Walker was way more interested in exploring than playing with the pumpkins.

Riding on Papa's shoulders is great fun!

Walker traipsing through the pumpkins...he had to get to the other side!

I love being outside - can we stay here all day?

Who wants a little pumpkin? I like this great big one!
Mimi with the babies.

This is a great spot to chill out.
Thanks to Nivens Apple Farm - we'll be there again next year I'm sure. Great atmosphere - very fun and inviting! Maybe next year we can even take a hay ride!


Autumn said...

They are both super cute!! :) I had so much fun that day, can't wait to do it next year. Hopefully they will be more picture cooperative by then. What is our next venture with them??

Mimi said...

Yeah!! So happy you have a blog so I can see more pictures of your little cute one!! We definitely need to put this on our calendar for next year. Thanks for sharing!
(PS - let us see the tile work!) Love, Mimi

Jodi said...

i figure I'll probably post some basement pics as we go along. Brad is out buying tile this morning and the guys are continuing to patch the windows in. I'm so excited about a sewing and crafting room that I can hardly wait!!

Autumn said... there a REASON you are moving your crafting room downstairs?? Do you need the room upstairs for something else???

Jodi said...

Just some sanity :) The sewing portion works fairly well upstairs, but since we've kept a bed in there for guest bedroom purposes (you know, for all our visitors LOL), there just isn't any space to spread out all the Cricut & scrap stuff. Once it all moves downstairs, I can spread out on a table and just leave it out if I want to when working on a project. Right now any time I want to scrapbook I drag it all to the kitchen table and then feel like by the time I get it out, it's time to pack it up and clean up for supper. LOL Hard to get anything done that evidenced by my measly 2 1 page LOs. :(

Autumn said...

I was really just giving you a hard time :) I ended up going to Danna's Friday night because I was determined to get something done. I worked on a spread of Uncle Jerry and Alexa...I need to cricut some letters to put on there, but overall I like the way it turned out. I used some of the other cricut stuff I already had...which means I'm going to have to do some more for my birthday spread that still hasn't managed to happen. Oh well! Maybe we will get to work some soon!