Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Picture Time - Moments in March

This is the kind of picture of Walker I just love - my sweet smiley boy!In case you've missed it, Walker LOVES to climb...the coffeetable is one of his latest joys.
Can you see the glee?
Playing with his Little People Car Ramp.
Here we go again...
Climbing as usual!
Gotta love that zebra!
So glad to be outside!

Did I mention that Walker likes to climb? He also loves keyboards.
Walker loves his alphabet Leap Frog toy.
Walker & Papa having a good time.
Walker is fascinated with Maci...when we go outside he always looks to see if Maci is in her doghouse.
Checking each other out.
Walker loves his car seat...this was after we had to wash the cover...when we were playing outside he quickly found it and took a seat.

Walker loves his milk.
This one just seemed like a great goodbye pic. Hope you enjoyed a few of our March moments.


Autumn said...

Love the little cutie!! Glad I got to see him for a little while last night and today, hope you guys are doing well!!

Joni said...

He's such a cute smiley boy! That little people car ramp looks fun! Jasper got some new little people toys for his birthday; they are so fun!

Delighted said...

My nephew Perrin just got that zebra, too!
What a sweetheart you have.

The Dale's said...

Precious little boy....aren't little boys the best!!